Share your vision with Kalibre Glass. The glass represent the latest technology and freshest new looks to complement your lifestyle.

Constructed for the active lifestyle, they combine UV protection, anti fog, wide view and easy clean. Your sunglasses can stay performing at their peak for daily use. Featuring newest technology, Kalibre glass let you hit every move with precision and clarity.

100 % UV filtering, all lenses are designed to fulfill your sport activity with confidence. Your unobstructed view filters out harmful light with UV protection lenses.

Your sunglasses can stay performing at their peak with Kalibre’s glass anti fog technology. This technology could prevent the condensation of water in the form of small droplets on a surface which resemble fog.

Live large and play hard with the Kalibre sunglasses with wide-angle view. Capture any moment with stunning accuracy and relive more of the things you love.

Our glass is coated with hydrophobic technology. This coating both clean themselves through the action of water, the former by rolling droplets and the latter by sheeting water that carries away dirt.

Customize the look of your Kalibre’s glass and get prime optical performance with lenses variety color. Featuring ergonomic shape, lightweight comfort, and durability, all frame are designed for style and function.