SHOOTER PRO – The combination of technology, materials and design which embody the ultimate essences of protection without compromises. With adjustable back system, you can bring the bags ergonomically in a long journey. It could fit a camera with lens attached, an additional camera body, 6 lenses, flash ,tripod and accessories. It will also accommodate 15” laptop with an tablet. Using 20 mm padded Aeriform covering every inch of the bags, Shooter Pro is a safe haven for your camera gear.

The bag is designed with a double compartment concept: In the lower compartment there is a special padded camera insert, Cocoon Pouches and Aeriform Dividers to fit the camera/camcorder with accessories, while in the upper compartment there is plenty of space for personal effects.


It will fit up to a Pro DSLR with 70-200 F/2.8 lens attached and can be quick accessed through cocoon pouches. Shooter Pro also could put the body on upper compartment or you can put an additional camera body.


Shooter Pro could put up to 7 lenses with one attached to the camera. With padded aeriform, each lens are safety from scratch and to separate with the upper compartment, we put interlining that can be zipped.

Hard disk

The other side, you could put external hard disk and assorted charger for your device such as camera, laptop, also flash battery.


Twin front purpose pocket, you could put charger for camera, laptop or you could also secure a monopod.

Memory Card

Shooter Pro have a special compartment for memory cards. We think of your long journey to put up to 4 memory cards pocket inside.

Photo Filter

Inside the organizer, Shooter Pro could put up to 2 lens filter. Technically the photo filter is fitted and won’t have any damaged through journey. Or you also put your lux meter inside the organizer.


For a professional, sometimes you need to get a extremely perfect angle and lighting for a frame, therefore you need to see what’s it look like in a laptop. We also designed up to 15” safety laptop compartment for your journey.


When go through a long journey, sometimes you need to have quick look at your photo, especially medium format. You could see the frame through tablet, and for that, we purposely designed a tablet compartment.

There are two side pockets in Shooter Pro, one you can have quick access directly to inner camera and the other one will store items you need rapid access to, such as wallet, phone, water bottle etc.

Tripod Holder

Shooter Pro tripod holder is designed to hold the tripod with head. It can basically balance when you go through rough trip.

Technically, this camera bag could put all your camera devices, laptops and other compartments safely. Combine the light weight technology and safety purpose, we present the professional camera bag, Shooter Pro.